‘it hurts to be thirteen’

a visual illustration of the blur that was last year and a literate vision of how i lived through it how light affects mood both in reality and picture is too complex to describe in some kind of futile term your photography teacher tells you, and although these photos (below below) were taken last summer, … Continue reading

my boos -meeting new friends summa 2013 – ibe ft. ella

this is a photo from literally years ago when me and Ibe skypedย  in summer last year a friend of mine ibe came to london- we had been talking online for some time and then somehow it happened!!! she lives in belgium but she came over and i met her in her little london penthouse … Continue reading

Well we haven’t spoken in a while.

A compilation (by me) of photos by Venitia Scott, model: Lindsay Wixon Heyyyyyyyyyyaahhhhhh. Heyyaaaaahhahahahahahaha. Alright, alright. Watspannen wichu guiz? I have been pretty busy. Year eight has been boring, tiring and sarcastic lately. I have had lots of homework and not got much done, but friend-wise some cool tings have been going down. I think … Continue reading

Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 13 and angsty musings.

I have been feeling just very slightly lonely and grumpy and pathetic and mildly dismal lately, for no particular reason; which hasn’t been particularly pleasant, so I hope it is merely a phase of angsty ‘just-turned-thirt-teen-syndrome’ or something. It truly is the oddest thing. It’s not like I’m sobbing my eyes out at home. It’s … Continue reading

Rookie Road Trip….HIGHLIGHTS <3

Last Summer Tavi (DUH- editor in chief of ROOKIE), Petra (contributing photographer), Hazel (staff writer), Petra’s sister Anna, her boyfriend: Avery and ROOKIE fairy godmother, Anaheed, set off on a Road Trip (sponsored by Urban Outfitters) around America. They stopped off in various places to meet their adoring fans and then ended the journey with … Continue reading


Some babe friends of mine taken BY ME on my amazing digital camera which I found WHOOP WHOOP โค October. Freaks! Geeks! Spooks! Speeks? ย It’s the month of the witch! My favorite month of the year! And you know why? Well, halloween of course! Just kidding! It’s my birthday in exactly a week (exactly a … Continue reading

<3 Independant London ROOKIE meet-up! <3

[For those who didn’t know, the independant London Rookie meetup was arranged in a group on facebook by a girl called Emily, for teens who read Rookie only, we met at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park today (14th July 2012) and we are having another meet up this September for those who missed this … Continue reading


All of the below is me being mildly depressing and telling you all this stuff about stuff and yeah. So if you just want me to shut up and show you the photos, ignore the bold and scroll down ๐Ÿ˜€ heyElLo [ So I kind of tried to do a photo-shoot with my friend Rocio … Continue reading