OhAi world. Imagine, your twelve, your tackling about 10 extra curricular activites a week (+music practice and homework) and you are desperatley trying to channel your love of fashion into a blog. Oh wait? That’s me. Subscribing is SEXY so have fun kids. I’m style-obssesed and half-sane (y). 
Hey, I’m Ophelia, I’m 12 & I blog. Some people are seriously lucky. They have a knack to stand out in the crowd like a (eye-)candy in a bunch of fruit- they are seen and people admire their style, soon people follow their blogs (or whatever)- They’re asked to feature in a magazine and get to wear clothes they’d die for…then a company comes up and say they want to sell one of their tee-shirt designers, though the person hadn’t even reached out for attention. All of a sudden they’re a world-wide fashion icon, who’s forgotten what it’s like to be a the bottom of the food chain. I can’t tell you what it’s like to be a model for Rodarte, I’m not a blogger who’s been blogging all their life, I don’t know any major desingers and I’ve never been on the front page, or even in a magazine. I am simply me. But who is me? So I suppose I should give you a few facts about me…? There’s so much- I don’t know what to say…ok, I’ll begin from the start and try make things as interesting as possible…*that was cheesy* 
Ok so lets start again. That (the above- LIKE DUH) was half a year ago. This ‘ABOUT PAGE’ will always be out of date I guess, because I’m always seeing new people, befreinding new bloggers, strengthening my opinions, getting new clothes. Last week I had my first photoshoot. The week before I was in style magazine. Ok so I’m not an unknown blogger really anymore. This is the real world. I guess being twelve you have to remember that this is all for the fun, although I WANNA BE KNOWN. I’m not here for the fame- ‘it’s important to know the line between magazines and  blogging’- a wise girl once said. And that’s how things shall stay. *I think I just got cheesier*
Anyway, the real way to get to know me is to read my blog. I blog whenever I can so don’t expect any realiabilty. This is just a whole lotta shiz about me if you are a total stalker or just really interested. I am a feminist, I am a photographer, I am a fashion maverick. I AM OPHELIA HORTON. *Oh God it just gets worse and worse*- just go away and stop reading this! Read my blog dude. 
Where were you born? I was born in the top bedroom of a cosy house in London (where we stayed until I was about 2 years old…I think?) 
How old are you? I’m 12 and growin’ fast! 
Hobbies? I play cello, flute and sing- I’m a music scholar at my school and my mum’s a singer, Dad’s a visual effects producer. I love art (I’m an art scholar too) and photography (I won the school photography comp.- me boasting sorry guys!) Me and my sister love making movies on the ipods and then uploading them to iMovie for editing- we’ve done some catwalks! That’s preety much it I think….Oh, no there’s also dance- my sister was in a street dance crew- I love sport (escpecially netball and swimmin’)! 
Who are your style icons? There are too many…Mainly ‘Fashion Wunderkind’ Tavi Gevinson (she is my life, I’m obsessed!) Closely followed by Susie Lau (Style Bubble- who I met at LFW!) and photographer Petra Collins. Though grimes (the grungy rapper), Azealia Banks (wooh go girl power rappers), Elle Fanning, Eliza Doolittle and Chloe Moretz (if you wanna know why then click here) are uber- awesome too- I know everyone digs Alexa (Chung) but I think she’s without…
Favourite Bloggers? Susie Bubble for fearless-ness, charisma and utter genius, Pauline (blog) for her artsy-nesss and originality and Tavi Gevinson– she’s just so out there and I’m hooked on ROOKIE MAG (the site!)
Sum Up Your Style? I absolutley hate this question to bits- I don’t know… at the moment I like quirky pieces: but I really just dress how I feel- if I feel sad I dress bubbly and if I’m happy I just dress however really- sometimes I don’t use that method- sometimes I do. I have to say, I get a lot of inspiration from my style icons/bloggers exectera- I think it’s time we let the real geniuses mould the fashion industry…I stopped letting trends influence my style a while ago- they’re too hard to keep up with and only convenient if I’m into ‘the look’ already! But sometimes my room is a frikin’ mess- so I just wear whatever I can lay my hands on! I love a bit of vintage {+ thrift though it’s hard to find here in London} and just set my heart on anything I fancie really- it’s all about the moment!  I love detahable collars, and I obviously have my favorite designers and shops, but I think if you’re a master at dressing it’s harder to define your style because it’s so unique and special to you. Anyway, I’m not sure- like most kids, I’m still figuring it out…

Why Did you Start Your Blog? There were many reasons that all sort of tied together: my mum had always ordered the ASOS magazine and when I was 11 I started reading it- devouring every monthly edition! So I was into fashion- it was official. Well, I’d never really thought to start a blog (did I know they existed? I dunno): I loved fashion, was 11 and spent half my time on the topshop website doting over pieces I couldn’t have- (so after seeing my sister’s friends vintage clothing blog on wordpress)…I decided to start my own blog- and it went on from there! I used to just post clothes I liked- talk about them and say if they’re in style (looking back at my old posts I grimace too much)…but it didn’t really turn out like that…I don’t even do that anymore! It’s just whatever I like and I don’t give a shizzam whether anyone except Tavi Gevinson has a problem with it 😛

Have you ever done any fashion buisness stuff? I’ve been a model for coca cola three times and I’ve modelled for some random Ford billboard in Russia e.t.c but not much else- I’m too small to be a catwalk model (when older), but I hope to one day do a little modelling for Topshop, asos or something like that! Potentially, I don’t think I’d like to be a model as a career- something different probably. I’m seriously into photography and styling so maybe something to do with that. I’d obviously still write this blog and I’d maybe like to design a bit too. Super keen!

What Do You Wanna Be When Your Older? Well, definatley something to do with fashion- whether it’s a fashion photographer, stylist, desingner or something- I’ll keep on with my blog and hopefully then it will be even more interesting than it is now…with many insights into my fashion rookie life and mind!

Favourite Shops? I have been obsessing with TOPSHOP for the past two years, but I’ve quite recently taken a huge liking to Urban Outifitters- I love ASOS and adore their monthly magazine (<3 <3) Though I’m really trying to get into Vintage and outta my comfort zone. I enjoy the odd trip to Spitalfeilds (where there’s the cute-vintage-shoes shop: Blondie), Brick Lane (Rockit) and around there…Cenci is a really nice vintage shop in Streatham- the staff are helpful and always help me find just the right piece in my size! London is a great place for shopping, the only fault is maybe lack of thrift stores ( but full of hidden gems) so I’d love to one day go to places like New York, Chicago or Paris to simply venture around and scout for style!

Earliest Fashion Memory? My mum had some gorgeous dresses- I would always try them on as little kid  and flounce around piling all her necklaces one on the other- to be honest I was preety proud of myself!

Favourite Piece in Your Wardrobe? Ohh so much to pick and soon this’ll all go out of date. Maybe those gorgeous neon flatforms I got to keep from that shoot! or my lobster undertones tee, with my Mui Mui collar and ROOKIE headband? At the moment I absolutley love my (underground) brothel creepers- I was going to ask for them for xmas, but my parents said they were too expensive…and then ended up deciding to buy them for me?!? I think the chunky heel is immense (gives it so much character) and the black and white cheetah pattern next to the suede makes it so versatile- I’m so proud I’ve got the guts to wear them! Some of my other favourites are my asos round colour block sunnies and asos emerald clip on doorknocker earings…though I love my two baggy jumpers (one from topshop and one from urban outfitters!) To be honest, my favorite pieces are always changing: looking back at this post, now my favourite piece is my Louise Gray metallic Novelty Skeleton tee, or my ‘RIOT NOT DIET’ dumb girl tee with my (sisters) maxi skirt…maybe even my Dad’s stripey tee shirt with a top knot? I couldn’t tell really, it’s all about combination.

Favorite Designers…upcoming or classic? Hmmm…I love designers who aren’t afraid- or who bring something new ‘to the floor’- they should make you excited when your sitting in the front row (not that I’ve been on the front row ever) waiting for the models to come strutting on or feel you really had a good time. Simone Rocha is one of my favorites: she certainly has the talent of her father- I love her shows, they are always so sleek! Louise Gray and Meadham Kirchoff are so creative and artistic and inspiring- Meadham Kirchhoff is probably my favorite- I loved Marni’s S/S 12 collection and mui mui’s S/S 10 collections…but there are so many good designers, I couldn’t remember them all!

Lets talk beauty? As a kid I’d always loved makeup- I used to use my ‘Baby Borns’ to practice nails, eye shadow e.t.c and always tried to sneak some of my mums makeup, but at 8 or 9 I kinda went off it- I was sick of being a girly-girl. Also my sister had/has a phobia of masks and some makeup gives her rashes, so she hates it- she wouldn’t hug me if I had a face paint on.Though recently I’ve kinda got back into it: I have a few topshop kohl eyeliners, but I have small eyes and can’t get them above my eyelashes- so can only use them inside the underneath of my eyes, or smudged on top. That’s why I’m gonna try using liquid liner- as a few of my friends have recomended it. *Nails for me are a must* and With lips, I suit coral or red (though my mum prefers me wearing coral)- I love topshop’s COY colour, but my lips are too dark so  it looks wrong. I wish I had paler lips: then I’d suit light quirky colours as well as rich coras and reds…I don’t wear any foundation at all and I don’t wear that much makeup- at school nearly all the year 9 girls wear makeup…they look like plastic malibu barbies, but phoney-er. I hate that look. Natural’s best. Arabelle Sicardi is definately my Makeup inspiration, but Kay Montano is a great makeup artist- very quirky! I don’t know many others, but am trying to delve into it a bit more!

Why ‘Who’s That Girl?’ To be honest I’m not really sure. I was going for a mysterious kind of ‘Well, who is she?’ or ‘Whos’ that Girl? Wow she’s cool?’ Thing since I wasn’t allowed to post pictures? But now I am so…I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep the name or not…? Comment with suggestions if you want!

So That’s it….Here’s the official photo! 

65 Responses to “About”
  1. Fawnda Denham says:

    Keep feeding us your imagination! It’s brilliant that you’re finding the time and have the inspiration to share your passions with the world.
    Who needs fashion magazines when you’ve got Ophelia Horton’s blog to tell you what’s hip.
    Love the photography. Keep at it.

    • thank you so much! I’m working on the photography and don’t go an where without my camera and hoping for an SLR (maybe….err?) but till then I’ll just use what I’ve got…I’m still working on the layout and all and hope to get some connection with anyone i fashion through this ( I noticed asos had a spare stills photographer…I think? ;p)

  2. socrates+ says:

    Dear Ophelia – you are a true inspiration to me as a fellow blogger…in fact, you showed me the way! I can’t wait to read your new material and look forward to seeing the world through your eyes. SPJ (Socrates+)

    • Thank you Socrates+ , I have no idea who you are, but I really enjoy reading your sarcastic, up beat and entertaining blogs……I showed you the way?….OH, now I know, your SPJ, right? (I didn’t read the end of the message, as I was soo eager to reply!) I hope you continue to enjoy my work and I continue to find yours as funny as I do! Farewell! ;J

  3. Tom Horton says:

    So proud of you Opi . You are are such a free spirit. So wonderful to see you spread your literary and artistic wings.

    Dad 🙂

  4. Lissy Reid says:

    Wow Opi, you blog is amazing…your so good at taking pictures! I have always known you have been interested in fashion and styles, but i never knew you knew THIS much. You know nearly everything there is to know about styles and colours and what goes with what! I will be using your tips 😀 Keep it up, see ya later!

    • Thanx Lissy, I hope you really enjoy reading it! My sister’s friend is amazing at taking photos! I’m gonna try and find the website location of her blog…..Thanx xx

  5. Wui Lin Lee says:

    Hey Opi! Saskia told me about your blog and how it’s going really well. Loving it all the way! (amazing tips and on the literature side; fabulous use of vocabulary!) Don’t give up, I’ll be reading you blog every month and taking on board your tips! Original and fantasticalabulous! Go Girl!! 😛

  6. Rosanna Lee says:

    Argh, this is so OMiGawd creative! (Saskia told me about this place so I came to look) I can’t even understand some of the words! ARGH, AND I’M SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD AT ENGLISH.
    Anyway, keep this up, you awesome/fashionable/kewl person!!

  7. Chynna says:

    Oh, hi there. Donna’s friend has a blog! Ha 🙂 It’s really good and I love your post – At least you have one main direction you know you’re going in, I just tend to ramble on about rubbish… Haha. Well, keep on blogging; I look forward to reading more. x

  8. Sadie says:

    Love the blog! I’m sure you’ll maintain your dream! 😉

  9. Cricket says:

    Hey sis, how to I subscribe to your blog? xoxo

  10. you subscribe by..um I’m not actually sure- there should be sum kind of little tab at the bottom of the screen to the right where you can put ur email in!

  11. bicci1998 says:

    I’m subscribing right away, I think your blog is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, Sadie told me about it so I thought I’d have a look, and I am impressed.
    Ps I’m Molly, Sadie’s sis

  12. cheezy says:

    gosh ur a young adult
    are you really a model for some magazine
    you inspire me

  13. cheezy says:

    i think your totally amazing and must be a fast typer
    you look soo attractive in your photos and you have a great photographer to catch that real
    essence of your beauty. (hehe…)
    loving the good work keep it up, you never know you might be on to something big…the fashion
    of the future perhaps… or mabey the next fashion mistro…
    you never know!!!

  14. T says:

    Love the jumper! What trousers did you wear with it? And what shoes?

  15. teganclay says:

    I read about you in Grazia magazine, and you inspired me to create a blog! I’m 12, like you, and I’m obsessed with fashion! The clothes you have are beautiful, im so jealous, your blog is fab to read, I wish I could be a well-known blogger like you! (I’ve only just started blogging btw) thanks for inspiring me:D x

  16. Alice says:

    Girl, you’re amazing and your blog is addictive.
    Please make ‘Ophelia Magazine’ and organize an Ophelian roadtrip!



    • omighhooodd literally the nicest comment ever! But I don’t think I have enough of a following for an Ophelian Roadtrip haha! But my sister’s friend did suggest
      ‘OPI-nion’ as a magazine name as my nickname is Opi! xxx

  17. Alice says:

    *ophelia roadtrip

  18. Alice says:

    Maybe you’re right, it’s al little early for a roadtrip, but if you wait a year or two,
    you’ll be that famous as Tavi Gevinson… =roadtriptime!
    I’ll be there!

  19. Allegra says:

    I am totally obsessed with your blogs! They’re totally addictive!

  20. uhjiui yvu hb says:

    pretty good site but i can tell that you are arrogant

  21. LibbyLou says:

    Dear Ophelia,
    I decided to come to your blog, after reading it in the Times Newpaper@my grandmas!
    I am also 12 and am kinda into fashion too.
    But your blog is amazing!!-and I love your style. Sometimes its better to stand up for who you are and i love it!!-Just one question…
    Which site did you use to set up your blog?
    Thank you x

  22. Romy!!!!!! says:

    U sound awesome !!
    I am now obsessed with your site!!
    I have an older sister who is 13 and can get away with buying anything cause she is reeely fussy so so so unfair!!
    I ahve posted on your photography page
    do u live in london?

  23. You have a really wonderful blog! And even if it sounds a bit sugary :), I did nominate you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award: http://esengasvoice.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/super-sweet-blogging-award/

  24. amelia says:

    luv ur blog!!!!!!!!! after i saw u on tv i wanted to make my own (blog) its not finished yet but its called http://www.mystylenow.webnode.com nd how do u now wat 2 write about nd im a bit yungr than u 11

  25. janessa says:

    love your blog

  26. Philothea says:

    OMG! You are my new blog/style icon! I just turned 13 and I also play cello and sing (along with ukulele, piano,and a little of viola) and blog. 🙂


  27. amelia says:

    OMG your amazin i love you i have a blog of my own after i saw u on lorrane my blog is called mystylenow.webnode pleeeeeeeeeese look at it i need to finish it but it will be up on the 1st of december btw im 11 hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  28. Phoebe says:

    Is that photo at the top you? ADORABLE DAHLING!

  29. how do you have links like photography…, about, contact etc cause i made a blog and i dont know how to put more tabs cause i only have one tab.

  30. I don’t mean to creep you out, but it might happen reguardless 😦 This is the internet,
    But I think you’re so ADORABLE. Reading your blog and seeing your style and interests, you remind me so much of myself when I was your age!
    There’s no way I’m not following your blog, in case I ever want to time travel to see a 13 year old me 🙂
    This makes me want to dedicate a post to young teenage nostalgia. Yep, gonna start working on it in a little bit here!

    i actually have a blog I just started, it’s a humble little thing, you totally don’t have to follow it, but here’s the link if anyone does:


  31. Emma says:

    Ok, so I have to ask. How did you convince your parents to let you post pictures? I’m trying to do the same, and all of my tactics have been rebuffed by mi madre… HELP a fellow teen blogger! XOXO, E

    • I dunno really. I just convinced them that no blogger is going to get iconic recognition unless they have an official identity. Plus, if you’re aiming on being like a style icon or something (which I obviii wasn’t then) you kind of have to be known not like some closet gremlin etc etc.

  32. ben says:

    hey just checked out your blog, love that it’s so personal, and that you don’t give crap and just blog about what you want, i just started blog and have decided to not read anymore blogging tips or rules and just go with it. one question how did you get people to read your blog as in links and stuff ( not very specific i now).


  33. I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award!
    Check it out here: http://myfascinationwithfashion.com/2012/12/27/the-versatile-blog-award/

  34. Ellieee, says:

    heyy, 🙂 ive been following your blog since i saw it in a mag and omg, i love it. i think my fave post is the ‘vibeees and shizzz’ one because literally ive read that one loaaaads, (i just love the fashion/art diary thing and all the 70’s sorta colours im into right now – not a stalker, promiseee ;)) you’ve also got me into Rookie which i loveeeee ❤ so yerr :s keep going! ❤ ;D

  35. omnom2 says:

    I started my own blog, inspired by yours. Mind checking it out and giving feed back? Thanks.

  36. Natasha says:

    Dear Ophelia
    I came across your blog on twitter today. Unfortunately I could not open the video that BBC speaks about so I decided to read more about you and your blog. You have a very real way of writing and this will connect you with many people around the world. I loved the little that I have read – I chuckled so much to the blog about writing posts and going back to them about a month later only to discover you don’t really want to post them or have nothing else to say – Haha ! I’m guilty of that too. I started my travel and lifestyle blog in November last year. I am a doctor but I now live a location independent lifestyle. I’m loving it. Blogging has helped me grow in so many ways. It’s very therapeutic and I know that you too will grow and find it very liberating as your journey unfolds. There is no right or wrong way to blog. There are no rules. You need not be famous. You are doing just well. Keep it real and you will certainly gain the following . I think you already have ! If I have find myself working in London, I will certainly say hello with your mum and dads permission 🙂 write on ! You rock!

  37. I’m so happy I came across your blog, Ophelia. It’s absolutely lovely! xoxo

  38. Ellie Jean says:

    Oh my gosh I’m a twelve year old blogger to! Your blog is awesome!


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