My Skirt is such a rip-off of Dolce and Gabanna haha, from Primark and the crop tops from Topshop… ❤ THE SUN HAS BEEN AMAZING IN ENGLAND FOR THE LAST 2 DAYS ❤ But, ALAS, the blog has been abit starvatious since whenever- I’m going through one of those boring phases again when I’m just … Continue reading

You gotta love it…

What is not to love about the French Revolution? No, seriously, what is not to love? Except for the whole cutting heads off thing and the battle and the deaths and everything, which was a struggle we’ll always remember, but the story (-more like reality, as it was something that actually happened…) is so fulfilling, … Continue reading

Millie’s Mind: talking feminism and style…

I have some wierd habit of befriending my older sister’s friends. First Iris and those retro gals (remember my last shoot?)- now I’m on skype to my sister’s 15 year old dancing buddy Millie. I just had to do an interveiw as I see her every Tuesday for tap classes and she never fails to … Continue reading

Walking slowly through the feilds…

THERE WAS SUNLIGHT. PEOPLE. LETS TAKE SOME TIME TO SAVOUR THIS MOMENT. Today, in London, yes London (i.e where I live) THERE WAS SUNSHINE, it’s a revelation, a miracle- seeing as the weather forecast predicted lightening…Today I shot my friend Millie in some feilds/nettles/clump-of-trees near my house. She was definately the best model I’ve had … Continue reading


The featured image above is of the awesome Grace Micelli, the last artist below… I don’t know why I called the title of this post ‘Art is Shmart’- probably because it ryhmes and im obsessed with ryhming. BUT DUDES, I AM CONSTANTLY FINDING NEW, AWESOME PEOPLE. I’m like an AWESOME-PEOPLE-MAGNET Anyway, today I am going … Continue reading

British Design From 1948: Innovation in the Modern Age Reveiw…

AGES AGO. Literally ages ago now. We (meaning me and le mum) went to this exhibition in the Victoria and Albert museum just as a time-filler before we waited for the next slot in the ‘Ballgowns’ exhibition. It turned out way more engrossing, interesting and generally better than the ballgowns, which would seem to be … Continue reading

<3 Independant London ROOKIE meet-up! <3

[For those who didn’t know, the independant London Rookie meetup was arranged in a group on facebook by a girl called Emily, for teens who read Rookie only, we met at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park today (14th July 2012) and we are having another meet up this September for those who missed this … Continue reading

Phew! Holidays :D

  PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. I wrote this post afew weeks ago (ok like a week and a bit I think) but forgot to publish it and I’m feeling really unispired and lazy and pooey at the moment so I decided I couldn’t let it go to waste :CD PLUS The weather has been so … Continue reading

<3 Feminists and people I'm loving YEEAAAHHH <3

Celia Edell. “Celia AKA ‘ceedling’ is a 20 year old Canadian philosophy student, who dabbles in film studies. She has a tendency to look like an alien on acid while still remaining abnormally shy in social situations. She prides herself on a stellar taste in music and art despite the fact that she is useless … Continue reading

(Just a quick post before bed and after many hours of dance): DSqaured2 F/W 12-13 Campaign.

IT JUST NEEDED TO BE SAID: IT’S AWESOME. (THE DSqaured2 F/W 12-13 Campaign EVERYONE WHO’S ANYONE KNOWS)- THAT’S PRETTY MUCH ALL I HAVE TO SAY. SO MUCH GLITTER (I NEED THOSE SUNNIES) AND CLASS ROOM INSPIRATION AND EFFORTLESS CHIC-NESS. PLUS- Daphne (Grovenwald ((spelt wrong ohhps me-thinks)), but duh again guys) is such a babe. And in … Continue reading