Hi dudes. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! I’ve been having a hot time in Australia-lata taking photos and meeting and greeting and shtuff. I got this super cool AMAZING WAH magazine called YEN: Grimes is on the cover wearing Jeremy Scott (WHAT A BABE) and it comes with a Beth Hoeckel poster and a CD so PARRDDDYYYY. My … Continue reading

photos photos photos BLAH

Here are my latest snaps. I have been going through both my grandparents garages and found ALL my Dad’s old cameras+ equipment from when he was a teen: Canons, old Nikon films etc-omigod it was heaven. Geez. Maybe my Dad’s mum will let me take one home!?!??!?!? Also, fingers crossed that we find my Dad’s … Continue reading

Here comes the sun whooohoo hoo hooo

Yo dawwgs. I’m in Australia. Yay. I was kind of supposed to do a ‘sorry I’m going to Australia’ post, but I never got round to it so PEAK 4 YOU. I’ve been having a great time and sorry for the lazy, nul, bad-time-management-esque blogging, but school has been getting the better of me- and … Continue reading