naughty, but nice

There was an element of ¬†fierce, yet feminine style on the A/W 11 catwalks. With very girly laces and tough leathers there was definatley a fetish for playful-and-strict dressing. Body flattering black seperates, with hints of skin through sheer and pencil skirts teamed with corset belts- there’s one foot in the fetish club, the other … Continue reading

Taking a break from style, fashion E.T.C…probably one of the most historic 1st of September’s ever!

Taking a break from fashion, style and all that jazz: My first day of secondary school, what can I say about it? Going from year six to year seven is a huge leap. You have different teachers for each lesson, you have tonnes more homework (which is gonna make it hard for me to find … Continue reading

Quick post for the sake of getting it off my chest!

Slippers! Yes…the new brogue and Michael Jackson’s saviours. I think all those people who mould the future of style have finally¬†realised that someday our feet will just not be able to cope with high heels (although they are pretty aweosme)- it’s all about flats now (HOORAY, ‘cos being eleven it looks sort of out of … Continue reading

I just wanna say…

SORRY! For neglecting my blog for so long (if anybody’s actually out there reading it!) I just started secondary school and I am utterly busy- I don’t think I have one break, or lunch time in the week that is free, some of my clubs and rehersals even clash (i.e swimming squad and chamber music). … Continue reading