Who IS that Girl?

It may have become apparent to you that I’m in the Sunday Times Style. Long story that I can’t be bothered to say. I have huge end of year exams (oohohoohhooohoh) tommorow that I am kind of not ready for so yeah. This has been a really bumish month. So much woe and sorrow. My … Continue reading

Get your flithy paws offa my Silky Draws!

Ohai people of the world, it’s a Saturday night (AND I’M FEELIN’ RIGHT, IT’S A LADIES NIGHT AHA COM ON!) *Picture me singing horridiously with a huge grin, thinking of you thinking of me thinking of you thinking about me, if that makes sense. Anyways, my wonderful mother just came back from Parieee (is the … Continue reading

Spring ViBeS Dude {LIKE}

Hey guys. There’s been ‘nul’ posting for possibly years now and I am feeling like blogging ‘ce ne pas mon truc @ le mome.’ And a bit pooey and ploppy, so I decided to make like Tavi [she just did another post- it’s been like a month mate] and stop trying to do (actually relevant-to-your-life) … Continue reading