Blog Spotlight: MSG and ME

Photo above by Shannon Echlin MSG & ME is abit like ‘The Ardorus‘- it’s an online collection of photography SLASH editorials based around China town locations from either the curators (Camille Brunet and Maya Fuhr) or submitters! With work from Dana Boulos (featuring my favorite model Natassia Lindes MUAHAHAH) and the like, i.e Petra Collins … Continue reading

LFW Street Style!

The best of the style gods/godesses…

LFW: Ashish S/S 13

Oh-mmyyy-gaawwd. London fudging fashion week. I can’t believe I’ve managed to resist the urge of blogging through out the week- because I was totally buggin! *Clueless reference- see what I did there?* Sooooo, I only went to one show (because I am a loser) BUT IT WAS AMAZING!!! There was something about it. I mean, … Continue reading

my Hot New Now (back to school ugh)

-Polly Bean. Such a banging name huh? She’s this cartoon supermodel illustrated by…(who even knows) and is sending me to the land of utter obsession I mean, I’m literally she’s the most amusing fasion icon I know…Have a look at these goodies: -I am actually in love with this shoot by Eleanor Hardwick for BULLET. … Continue reading

suummerrr loovvin

Featured image (above) by me-in Wales. It is of the waves and I took it by sticking my camera lense through some binoculars. lol.  The latest from my tumblr…Click to enlarge…see more at ❤ ❤ ❤ I love this song by Clementine Creevy for ROOKIE-mag—> teenage-girl 10 to follow: … Continue reading

DAY 3: The Daisy Ladies!

Hello! My name is Eryn and I just recently started my very own blog, Fashion Fledge. For my guest post today I’m going talk about myself and share with you a photo diary of my best friends and I during a day of sushi and shopping downtown. Basically, this is my girl gang, ‘The Daisy … Continue reading