The pretty lies, the ugly truth.

My favorite model, Xaio Wen Ju Hey guys! In case you’re living under a rock or something, it’s London Fashion Week. Well, the end of LFW. Yeah. And just so you guys know, I won’t be posting any LFW updates on this blog, until the writing is up on The Sunday Times Style website, as they … Continue reading


    Yodel people of the world. Happy late valentines day. Yaayayayaa kisses and hugs and pugs. Meh valentines day is kinda overrated. The only good bit was the fact that I found this crazy amazing plastic glitter heart ring on the floor of the bus- IT’S DESTINY. Otherwise, it’s just an excuse for everyone … Continue reading


I thought I’d put a very frivolous post title, because I’m not really feeling frivolous at all. Things have been super iffy lately. Like, my blogging is so inconsistent and my blogs aren’t from happy to sad, they’re like: happy, sad, POOP, sad, meh etc etc etc. But such is life I guess. Certain monumental … Continue reading

young feminist musings part 1: slut shaming and victim blaming

Featured image: Arvida by Arvida for The Ardorus So I’ve been meaning for a while to talk about something less frivolous than like, I dunno, whatever I talk about that you guys may consider frivolous. And I generally have alot of meaningful thoughts and confusion in my head. So I thought I’d try once more … Continue reading