Mid-week post: an interview with Molly Soda !11 !!!!! !! ! ! <3 <3 !!!!!!! <3

     Soooooooo, a while ago I sent an email to (tumblr sensation and ultimate webcam babe) Molly Soda, and she actually replied, which is awesome and sweet and lovely. As well as having amazingly fab hair, she is a total internet princess: she makes (usually flashy) gifs, has a website full of trashy junkfood, … Continue reading

End of winter-ish-spring-ish vibes.

Ugh, I have been writing posts and then not posting them, because I’ve got like 25 drafts open and need to post another post, before that post, and ergh it is all jumbled up and very befubbling. So, I actually wrote this post a while ago,  infact, before my last post and then I didn’t … Continue reading

pictures of the week ‘n’ all that jazz

So heyaaaaaa guys, it’s the easter holidays, and I’m totally and utterly beffubled with my posts. I have about 25 drafts open and am working on about 6 posts at the same time. I planned to talk about these things as soon as I saw them, but then never got round to it, and it’s … Continue reading