Spring…here I come!

Yodell! Ok, so it’s not whenever I said I was going to post my next blog, but hey, I was skiing and had no internet connection so, I guess I’m let off just this once! SO…spring is here and summer well underway. It seems these are the seasons that fashion is all about – the … Continue reading

So, I’m new here then?

Hi There! So, this is my first blog (yikes) and I’ve never had a blog before. This is first tries for it. So if you are any interested at all in 21st century fashion, photography, art, music and all that jazz then look no further.Each week or so, I will update my blog on the trend … Continue reading

Hello world!

After I’m half way  through my 2nd/3rd blog, I’ve jsut relised that I’ve forgotten to do my actual FIRST OFFICIAL blog – so here it is ……ME: I’m gonna do a fact file about myself, personality, style, e.t.c so you know every thing important………….. ENJOY! ; J Current location: If I told you it would … Continue reading