Hmm, Nmmm, Humpety hmm.

That’s a real shit title, huh? Yeah. So, I guess I’ve been kind of not around lately and le blog has been all dead and stuff. I don’t know why blogging has been so sparse and hard-to-do lately,  and really don’t want to get into that whole moan-y cycle, but seriously dude, life doth preety … Continue reading

Photo Diary: Culture Afternoon…

Before I start, sorry for the shit posting lately. So, now what is a culture afternoon? Well basically, I have not the slightest idea, at all. Something to do with going out and seeing a lot of controvirsy (spelt wrong?), you know, not just fashion…art, food, more food, art, music, fashion, fashion- have I already … Continue reading

When it’s Wednesday and you’re tired..

So I know posting has been preety much 100% crap-o-lop lately, but I have really been trying to get all my homework sussed, so I can have more time (for blogging) on the weekend. You see, it is hard to get the balance between, cello practice, flute practice, homework, normal-teenager social time and obssesed fashion … Continue reading

Boutique Spotlight: Ragged Priest, Rokit, Beyond Retro and Blondie

Bonjourno fasionistas! It’s Friday night, fresh from London, today I will be informing you about my opinion on some cool shops to SHOP…Ugh my good that sounds really bad…Basically, you can either be uncool and be a poo. Or be cool and not be a poo. Serious now…So, we all know what a vintage shop … Continue reading

Musings of a little girl…style equations.

I am a bum. Le blog has been barren for a whole week and I can’t even remember what the font is supposed to look like (is this the usual?) Mum has tried to make up a plan that I only blog on thursdays and sundays during school weeks (-A.K.A all my life,) which is … Continue reading