my boos -meeting new friends summa 2013 – ibe ft. ella

ibe is a babe

this is a photo from literally years ago when me and Ibe skyped 

in summer last year a friend of mine ibe came to london- we had been talking online for some time and then somehow it happened!!! she lives in belgium but she came over and i met her in her little london penthouse and she gave me all these beautiful things and it was great.

I kept remember it ALL myself so these are excerpts from posts or diaries we both wrote ages ago:


pic above by ibe


me- ‘we took a train to charing cross or something and I showed Ibe around Covent Garden. We got bubblegum from the machine in the sketchers shoe shop and went to opening ceremony and then we walked through leicster square to china town.’


ibe- ‘In China Town there was this big ‘kawaii-ish’ shop with Neighbor Totoro backpack (like this one that Grimes has) which was sadly enough way overpriced but I got an amazing Doraemon watch (which is in my opinion must be one of the best Japanese anime/manga ever made) for six pounds. The thing stopped working after five weeks -insert sad melodramatic music here- but whatever- it is still Doraemon (also I would love you forever if someone bought this for me thank you very much). I must say that they had the best watches selection ever. And I regret not buying another one because they also had a Rilakkuma watch and ugh a girl can never have enough Japanese kawaii-watches right ? We also went in one of those weird crazy Japanese photobooths, and oh my god there was so much choice in backgrounds and borders. After going through maybe a third of the options and many many many considerations we went for a Totoro, daisy/donut, Asuka/butterfly and Alicia Silverstone themed photo. I swear this was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make (except for the never ending discussion I have with myself every morning: peanut butter or or nutella on toast. #whitegirlproblems)’


 pic above by me

me- ‘we go up to soho. I really wanted to eat at Ed’s diner so I dragged Ibe all the way there!’

pic below by me on ibe’s disposable


ibe- ‘And after that nerve wrecking experience we found a really cute vintage magazines/pop culture poster/card/button shop on our way to Ed’s Dinner. We went a bit crazy and bought ten cards or something, including a Lolita, Winona Ryder, Bob Dylan and Edward Scissorhands one, for five pounds and some really awesome ‘neighborhood witch’ pins. I don’t have photo’s of the shop but I think it was called VinMag so go find it and buy cool stuff and be happy because there are so many cool things to put on cards in this world’

pic below by me – side note: ibe was wearing THE BEST brown/dark purple/red lipstick by mac -a*



me- we find eds and i remember i accidentally got the sweet potato chips! haha. i got a coke float. We walked from that end of oxford street all the way to the big TOPSHOP – which is basically like a shopping centre in itself. I got this cute floral slip dress’

photo below by ibe

31-1 90500004

photo above by me

ibe- ‘After that we went to Carnaby Street and visited the Dr Martens, Monki (photos above were taken here) and the Lazy Oaf shop. I didn’t buy anything there because Lazy Oaf is really overpriced and not really my aesthetics anymore and I only just went on a big shopping spree at the Monki shop in Amsterdam. We also went to Oxford Street and visited Topshop and Ophelia got a really cute dress. After that we split up and I had some really good sushi and rewatched Moonrise Kingdom for the 10000x time.’

ibe doc martens




pictures above by ibe

me- ‘I met Ibe at Green park station where we visited the Dover Street MARKET and looked at the simone rocha, comme de garcons and other crazy amazing designer clothes, but soon Ibe reallised that she couldn’t buy anything cause she had left all her money in her purse somewhere! she only had money for a sandwich so we went to pret (i got a duck wrap) and we sat in the square whilst she called her mom who said we’d have to meet her at the london zoo in camden. We walked up bondstreet and at one point I had to run back to the park bit because i left some special rings on the ground. When we got to camden we didn’t have enough time to go to all the op stores n stuff but somehow we found ibe’s mom. We decided it made more sense to stay in the area though, so since we were right next to Regents park, we went in. On the way to the main area several things happened: 1) we accidentally tride to get into a private residence 2) i dropped my badge in the river 3) we got expensive ice cream and when we finally got to the boat hire, even though Ibe did her best acting, the man wouldn’t let us in because he wasn’t convinced Ibe was 16 (she isn’t/wasn’t). We sat in a nearby playground and then tried to get boris bikes but we couldn’t cause neither of us had a debit card to pay with. We jumped on a bus that somehow took us to Oxford street/ marble arch. I don’t even know how that happened. We walked through Hyde Park and I got waffles on the way. We splashed in the diana fountain and then we had to run to knightsbridge because my mom had booked for us to see Billy Elliot. The day went kind of wrong but was really great still because Ibe was hilarious and fun’

pictures below by me

90500005 90500006 90500007  90500009 90500010 90500011


me- ‘somehow i got to the station before ibe (even though it wasn’t her fault at all lol) but i was so chuffed because i am always late. i met rachel and hollie and ellie and i was happy that that they all turned up -(especially hollie who had to take a train from bournemouth!) first we walked to the left (to the left) past the (what i call) ‘salvation’ wall (because it reminds me of salvation mountain in cali) and then up the main road…’

rachel by hollie (below)

newnewblog 49

rachel (above) by ibe

ibe- ‘we went to Urban Outfitters but left really quickly because everything was like meh overpriced fake vintage clothing and UO is just really problematic (I recommend reading this) so we decided to go to some vintage shops and the American Apparel Outlet’

hollie- ‘I didn’t buy anything other than AA socks to replace an American Apparel sock I had lost. But I had only lost one and I had to buy them in a two so now I have three. I also bought LOVE magazine with a mysterious stain on it from an underground confectionery vendor. He conspicuously brandished a wet wipe before I ran off. I have never encountered a stall that offers gratuitous wet wipes with your purchases before’


me- ‘we walked down the lil side street before you get to brick lane and probably went into BLITZ vintage because they always hand you those 20% off flyers (you know the ones you have millions of at home yes those) -so we went in but everything was just that lil bit not good enough for it’s worth (soz guys) so yah. We went into this really sweet shop called vintage basement and then we were looking around and suddenly everyone was crowding round taking pics with this dude and i was like wat and everyone was like omg!!!!’

us gettin gassed below by hollie


ellie- ”we bumped into Zachary Robinson from swim deep and his fiancée Esther! It was so surreal as I went to the band’s album launch party the night before in rough trade, and so to see Zach twice in two days was so unlikely and just, well, perfect. He was so sweet and we had a little chat about the gig and took some photos, and he really didn’t seem to mind our creepiness, which was a godsend as we were all kind of freaking out a bit. After Zach left, the shop owner asked me if I was ok because I may or may not have been trying to recover by lying on the floor.

proof (below) by me lol


me- ‘after that spectacle we thanked the shopkeeper (whom rachel was questioning)a and went into afew more shops down brick lane and rachel haggled alot. she’s very good at it. we got bagels at the end of the street because rachel (who knows alot about places) told us to and they were like a pound and it was great. we sat down next to that wall where hipsters take photos of the locks on the gate and ate and chatted’

hollie by me, rachel by hollie, me & hollie by ibe, ellie by me and all of us by ellie

90500015 new1blog5090500016 aaaaaaaaaaaaachary+017

side note: rachel was wearing doc martens with american apparel socks, this amazing skirt with a huge pin in it, an adidas top and football scarf. ibe is wearing a tee shirt over a dagger collar and dungarees too. i am wearing a top i made ages ago with jelly shoes and dunagrees. hollie does layering and is wearing a vintage shirt over a dress thing with this perfect skirt and really pristine tights. ellie was wearing dungarees too. it was pretty chill.


me- ‘after eating we took one stop on the overground to whitechapel and rachel took us to the east end thrift store. i took the picture (above above) of her on the way. when we got there we all hustled about and it was fun’

 53 56

pics above by ibe

ibe- ‘you fill a bag with clothes and just pay ten pounds for it. I got this vintage American high school cheerleader skirt! Once we were done, Rachel and Ellie left and Hollie and Ophelia and I went for some ice cream and talked some more. Afterwards Hollie left and Ophelia and I went to her house. My parents came for dinner with her parents and we had a sleepover together with Ella (who is also really cool and a friend from Opi who just moved to London from Australia) we danced on Brooke Candy, took lots of selfies and watched Submarine’

54 55


me- ‘we had to wake up kind of early to get on the train and go to this rookie meetup that i had been organising with some other girls. it was at the southbank and we were late and everyone waited for us inside the royal albert hall. when we got there i tried to act all charismatic (haha) and we settled somewhere on the floor and told our names and things like that. games you do when you meet people. we laid out all our craft stuff and decorated and chatted a little bit.

pics below by: ibe, me, random bystander

  90500019 90500020 90500021

…although it didn’t last that long cause all of us had other places to be but some of us stayed. we went up onto the garden balcony and had fresh squeezed lemonade and caram bars and crisps’

90500022 4890500028 46 45 47 90500026

ibe- ‘Maisie, Maya, Ella, Ophelia and me decided to go to this far thing (it was an inside arcade) I can’t remember the name and had some cotton candy and ice cream and everything was summery and perfect. But then it was time to leave and that was a really bittersweet moment. Ophelia bought me Reese’s peanut butter cups (something that we don’t have in Belgium) and we hugged goodbye (I may have cried a little bit). I had some sushi again at the apartment and we left the next morning’


So that was that. This is me looking super unhappy because of the absence of ibe on the way home. That’s a lie this was taken on the way to the meetup I just have a naturally disgusted / sombre face. Anyway it was so so so lovely seeing Ibe but even ++++ more happy times I went to Belgium in the fall (blogs coming) !!!

Also Ella (pictured in the pic above) lives in London now!!! She has since last summer and since she lives like right next to me, we spent / spend alot of time together – here are some photos i took of her that summer feat v good memories <333

90500025 90500029 90500030 90500027



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  1. luv the photos every time I scrolled down I was smited with a new wave of inspiration xox

  2. ellabees says:

    You put me in your blog post yay!

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