Fishing on Tumblr…

I just was just fishing for stuff on tumblr and I saw these things: some pop-coloured neon pink Vans, someone seriously stylish sporting the leather, fur and kit trends (with uber- awesome dyed hair!) And some really cool hotpants…although you cant wear them on their own in Winter, you could also go indie and pair … Continue reading

Boy, do I wanna go THERE?!? …..yes

Carsten Höller was born in 1961 in Brussels, Belgium, to German parents. He studied agricultural entomology at the University of Kiel where he received his doctorate in 1988. By the 1990s, he began to make artworks and eventually abandoned science as profession to pursue a career as an artist. His work was the subject of … Continue reading

Anna and Saga: the perfect fit!

I have been fishing around tumblr for a bit and I saw that Saga Sig (the fashion ((I think)) photographer) as well as her website also has a tumblr account (obviously?!?) So of course I went on and absolutley LOVED/LOVE her photos: I found it sort of interesting that some of the photos she took … Continue reading