Well we haven’t spoken in a while.

A compilation (by me) of photos by Venitia Scott, model: Lindsay Wixon Heyyyyyyyyyyaahhhhhh. Heyyaaaaahhahahahahahaha. Alright, alright. Watspannen wichu guiz? I have been pretty busy. Year eight has been boring, tiring and sarcastic lately. I have had lots of homework and not got much done, but friend-wise some cool tings have been going down. I think … Continue reading

<3 Julia Thompson <3

Julia Thompson herself, featuring illustrator Nikola Vukovic… Julia Thompson approached me (nearly, like, I dunno) about 9 months ago. She mentioned doing some sort of collaborative project and we decided I’d shoot her new collection of J.Morrison Designs clothes on my trip to Australia, during Winter break. I arrived and the clothes were waiting for … Continue reading

A super major huge report.

Ryan Lo. I was really excited to see what he would do this season, because I absolutely loved his last collection, with all the glittery floor length dresses, tousled hair and dewy makeup. It was very fantasy inspired, with an array of icons such as Margaret Thatcher, Bridget Jones and Sailor Moon. The palette was … Continue reading

i sometimes move.

In which I prove to you that I am not merely a figure of your imagination…