Guest posts Day 2: Saskia

Howdy people of the world!! “Who is this strange person?” -you are probably thinking 🙂 Why it is moi of course- the esteemed and royal awesomeness- a.k.a: Saskia Horton. Yes, i know right, my last name kinda rings a bell…. where did you hear it before?…… Mwahahaha….. suspense-y times right? 😉


Me being a spaz. URGH. It is so close to London Fashion Week and I’m totally buggin. I still practically haven’t got any tickets although I’ve done all the right stuff and sent in my application and all that SHIZ…With no reply. It’s crazy! {Kids are people you know..?} I told myself I’d work and … Continue reading

Planets and Galaxies

Hey. Yo. Bo. Shmo. Long time no see! Anyway, yesterday I took a trip to the house of our good old friend Millie (of Dragonflies and Lightbulbs) and her sister Emma (of Casually Dazzling) to do a photoshoot- me and Emma have completely different style when it comes to photography: Emma is dramatic and costumey … Continue reading

Just a quick post for the sake of blleuugh.

Nude. A word, still today, people don’t want to hear. You’re either looking at this post and thinking “what the fudge this chic on about” or being all uncomfortable-ish and like “eww naked-ness, yuck no!” I have never had a problem with being naked, as a kid I would always run around the house being … Continue reading


(Just before I start I’d like to say sorry for the really bummy posting lately. I’ve been super busy and in every spare moment I’ve felt too grouchy to do anything productive- therefore posting has been slightly NUL…) So I’m in Wales. Tropical, sunny, loverly Wales. We’ve actually not had too many showers, though it’s … Continue reading

my hot new NOW

Lazy Oaf Capsule Collection: I saw a post about this on a blog called Fashion Soundtrack and thought, this is super cool, I must inform my followers immediately! Anyway, those of you who can’t wait to see the forthcoming Batman film will absolutely love this…Lazy Oaf have teamed up with Batman to create a new clothing collection … Continue reading

I’m Baaaacckk!

Amazing cartoonery tomfoolery by moi Hellllooo readers. I am finally back from Espana-lata and I think I missed my family more than ever. Well, I have basically no photos because they’re all on my friend’s cool SLR camera, but here are some crappy photos I snapped on my digital. The weather was good. Yeah, that’s … Continue reading