HYPED over Topshop- NEWGEN-Tees! aha

I am so ultra- HYPED ….(“what about?” I hear you eagerly ask)…well, about Topshop’s NEWGEN competition- Topshop have been supporting upcoming designer’s for 10 years now (Oh, boy!) So that means celebration’s are in order, no? Every day for the next 20 days they are giving a free designer tee to the one person- A … Continue reading

Rise of the planets of the teens…

elle, chloe and Hailee with super model Natlia Vodianova for Vogue Is it just me or are there sooo many more teens in fashion than there used to be? Urrr friggin’ YES. Pour example: Elle Fanning, Haille Steinfeild, Chloe Moretz and Tavi Gevinson (I will keep going on about her until somehting happens) just to … Continue reading

CaNDy ScOuTs -photo shoot!

Photos by: Tom Horton Director And Editor: Ophelia Horton Wearing: I don’t think I’ve ever worn more of my little sister’s clothes! Smurfette top (thrift store), Pink Petticote (just something I had), little sis’s tiny spotted pink over-skirt, Ballet tights from somewhere, collar (I’m wearing a topshop white top underheath, ¬£18) shoes Office ¬£20, lady-bug … Continue reading

Rookie? not any more!

The weekend…finally. I don’t know how to even start to describe my newly found obsession with the American, Tavi Gevinson. She is the most influential, inspiring and ibsolutley imazing girl I have ever come across in my whole life. Starting off at 11 (just like me) she created her blog: ‘Style Rookie’, without her parents … Continue reading

Photo-shoot: Gypsy Girl in the blues and blacks.

Photos: Cassia Tatley. Directed And Edited: Ophelia Horton Photography and editors assistant: Mia Tatley. Clothes: H and M blue tights, Urban Outfitters black sheer/lacy blouse, Topshop wavy detail navy dress, St. Dunstans School skirt (worn as a cape), Office plimsols navy, ‘Poppy and Daisy’ pale pink flower wreath (from spitalfields market) and face stickers from … Continue reading

It’s kind-of a depressing story :'( at the end of the year.

So attempted¬†*NOTE: attempted* a video-blog rant thing on just new year, my blogs succesion (or shall I saw un-succesion?) and how fashion has affected me over the past year, so it was pretty deep…but as it progressed my Dad stormed in laughing/yelping/generally being annoying and loud- with my little sister on his shoulders, ruining my … Continue reading

Contradicting myself- i know) but these nails were too cool!

So, basically my last blog was about nails not being perfect and all that jazz, but I guess what Imma ’bout to show you sorta counter acts that-anyway you’re just gonna have to deal with it (ohh, that sounds mean!) So I went to my cool-dude-friend Cassie’s house and she ¬†told me bout these real-cool … Continue reading

There’s not only one way to NAIL IT!

You know what I’m sick of? That’s right: perfect nails! I’ve always been preety crap at nails- I’m sick of trying to get it perfect and then strugglin’ to clean the edges (though I just get annoyed at myself, so give up). There mut be an easier way to do nails…and after a bit of … Continue reading

The Official Blurb: THIS is me

Hey, I’m Ophelia, I’m 12 and I blog. Some people are seriously lucky. They have a knack to stand out in the crowd like a (eye-)candy in a bunch of fruit- they are seen and people admire their style, soon people follow their blogs (or whatever)- They’re asked to feature in a magazine and get … Continue reading


I realised several things when I took my journey to Spitalfeilds today…One: I cannot run in brothel creepers, two: Urban Outfitters is my new style obsession, three: I desperately¬†need¬†a pair of ‘weejuns’ (loafers basically) and finally, four: I am¬†going¬†to get into vintage! ¬†So from the beginning…my mum and I trudged through the London mud and … Continue reading