say whaaaaa

Can we please just take a minute to appreciate this babe Azealia and how legendary her music videos are. Seriously. From the iconic missy elliot/lil kim/mia/estelle style 1991 video combined with the ‘voguing’ and sophisticated french touches, to the trashy kawaii video for Atlantis, everything’s so great. Then there’s the Lana Del Ray, but edgy … Continue reading

cool tings (that post where I tell you what I’m obbsessing over at the moment)

Featured Image: queen Maya herself, by Laura-Lynn Petrick Hoi. Although I said blogging is going to be back to normal in January, well I am going to be super particularly busy because of school and personal reasons and stress and all that jazz, so things are going to be well as normal as possible. But … Continue reading

An awkward, autumn and mustard kind of post thing to say hmm

By Petra Collins


“Do I really have to put pants on” Ugh we have so much to talk about we need to catch up, but there’s just little time and too much to say. And in every spare moment I feel the need to rest or enjoy myself filling my brain up with pretty things from tumblr. But … Continue reading

<3 material Girl <3

Some photos me and my friend Rocio took of eachother on a dreary January night, with her new prism lense. It’s, like, the definition of awesome. Ones of me by her, ones of her by me. Hope you guizzz are surving middle school- two more days till the weekend BOOYARRHH.  

vibezzz ‘n’ shiz part 1

Hiya laideeez. Bleh. School. Lyfe. Tings.   My kind of inspiration for this season or whatever seems kinda out of place since it’s coming up to “Spring” and I’m supposed to be all happy and joyful and ‘florals’ and shtuff, but I just spent my ‘winter’ in Australia, where it was infact summer, so I … Continue reading

well guys. Apparently it’s been a year.

AHHHHHHHHH I was supposed to post this yesterday or the day before, but I’m dis-organised so WAH. Anywayz, a whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye. It does sadden me very much. I’ve been blogging photos from my trip to Australia, but the content has been only mildly of interest to … Continue reading