blue-dark turquoise-green-mint  HAIR EVOLUTION FLASHBACK TO SUMMER (omfg sorry wow so far much long very bad) So I decided for summer I would dye my hair again, like I did last year, cause I prefer my hair colored and it’s fun and looks pretty like why not. LIKE WHY WOULDN’T YOU IF YOU COULD, right? … Continue reading

The pretty lies, the ugly truth.

My favorite model, Xaio Wen Ju Hey guys! In case you’re living under a rock or something, it’s London Fashion Week. Well, the end of LFW. Yeah. And just so you guys know, I won’t be posting any LFW updates on this blog, until the writing is up on The Sunday Times Style website, as they … Continue reading

cool tings (that post where I tell you what I’m obbsessing over at the moment)

Featured Image: queen Maya herself, by Laura-Lynn Petrick Hoi. Although I said blogging is going to be back to normal in January, well I am going to be super particularly busy because of school and personal reasons and stress and all that jazz, so things are going to be well as normal as possible. But … Continue reading

An awkward, autumn and mustard kind of post thing to say hmm

By Petra Collins

vibezzz ‘n’ shiz part 1

Hiya laideeez. Bleh. School. Lyfe. Tings.   My kind of inspiration for this season or whatever seems kinda out of place since it’s coming up to “Spring” and I’m supposed to be all happy and joyful and ‘florals’ and shtuff, but I just spent my ‘winter’ in Australia, where it was infact summer, so I … Continue reading


Hi dudes. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! I’ve been having a hot time in Australia-lata taking photos and meeting and greeting and shtuff. I got this super cool AMAZING WAH magazine called YEN: Grimes is on the cover wearing Jeremy Scott (WHAT A BABE) and it comes with a Beth Hoeckel poster and a CD so PARRDDDYYYY. My … Continue reading

photos photos photos BLAH

Here are my latest snaps. I have been going through both my grandparents garages and found ALL my Dad’s old cameras+ equipment from when he was a teen: Canons, old Nikon films etc-omigod it was heaven. Geez. Maybe my Dad’s mum will let me take one home!?!??!?!? Also, fingers crossed that we find my Dad’s … Continue reading

Fall Vibezzz

At the moment I am feeling a kind of uneasy mix of sad nostalgic and awkwardly perfect vibes. Not that I’ve ever been there, but I am really into that kind of trashy American suburb feeling at the moment. It reminds me of the prettiness of the town in Edward Scissor Hands and the way … Continue reading

Hot right now

Viktor Vauthier is one of my new favorite photographers. He mainly does fashion portraits and his style is so chic, edgy and flashy but in a kind of simple way, if that makes sense- I think he uses film cameras, but the effect is just so sharp and clear and fun, I really love it! … Continue reading

I am so feeling the 90’s right now.

LIZZIE. MCGUIRE. Such a legend. Okay. Well, her best friend Miranda is kind of more of a legend, but whatever, okay? The styling is just so out there and crazy! Did people really dress like that in the 90’s?! I have been watching the series non-stop through out the last week and though I am … Continue reading