Jil Sander, what would I do without you? And the 3 best of farfetch!

I absolutely LOVE Farfetch, it’s amazing, what can I say? My favorite piece of all time at the moment is this Jil Sander sweater- genius. Oh I want you, I need you, oh baby oh baby. This is just a quick post to SHAMELESSLY express my love for this beautiful beacon of light. Ok and some other stuff I liked below too!

Apparently it’s…’Inspired by the mid-century modern design movement, Jil Sander’s whiteblack and blue cotton-jacquard sweater is a graphic fusion of fashion and art. The face intarsia is a rendering of ceramics created by Picasso in Vallauris, marking the first time the artist’s estate has permitted use of the iconic image. Mirror the SS12 runway show and let this bold piece pop against a crisp white skirt.’ I love the colours and the casual, sophistication of the jumper- the picasso-esque print is also awesome and I’d wear it with some white wedges, a billowing skirt, collared top and those heidi white sunnies…Ahhh. I do dote.

‘Turquoise sunglasses from Black Eyewear featuring a round frame design, tinted grey lenses and a thick frame design. The sunglasses also come with a hard black case.’ Super-snazzy, Dontcha think? So futuristic. Ugh and so nice. Loving the colour and shape 🙂 Oh God I’m hoping this isn’t turning into a sunglasses post because you know I get carried away…

I LOVE these multicolour shorts from Marni featuring a floral pattern, front fastening and front patch pockets, they are the eptomime of Summer and the neon colours are so cutesy and the flowers are parfait!

I must say I’m also smitten for these House Of Holland x Lulu and Co boyfriend jeans…WHY OH WHY?!?!!


P.S I AM really super obssesed with white at the moment. No idea why. I blame…yeah, I’m stuck 🙂

Opi xxx

4 Responses to “Jil Sander, what would I do without you? And the 3 best of farfetch!”
  1. hannah says:


  2. hannah says:

    what did you use to make the collage?

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