half term shenanigans

On 24th May we broke up for half term, which isn’t really a half term because you have to spend it revising for internal examinations the next week. I didn’t do much, except attempt revision, which proved challenging. On the first day, I did nothing but revision, on the second day I went to the Lazy Oaf launch party at there store on Carnaby Street. We didn’t win the raffle, and we didn’t buy anything (except I bought tattoos and Maddie bought some socks) but it was really fun and I did get a cute white tennis skirt from American Apparel.


me, maddie and theo at the lazy oaf party (on the left)

We spent ages walking around looking for Ed’s diner, which I was determined to find, and after like half an hour of wandering around soho we finally found it. It was cosy and warm and the colors were perfect. We sat eating burgers and chips and drinking shakes until 9pm when we played our last song, ‘Blue Velvet’ and left.

a blurry picture of maddie by me because it was late


We skipped down Oxford Street and took the tube home and in the morning we did some biology revision before Maddie’s mum picked her up and I got ready for the RCA graduate fashion show 2013.

Above: a vine of me on de train

I wore my black lurex knee high socks with my new AA tennis skirt, crisp white shirt, white cat eye sunnies from Heidi and my patent leather raincoat. I had some chanel lip gloss that I got as a birthday present and I felt extremely in control strutting down the black-and-white tiled tube tunnel to the train. In the end we went to the wrong place and had to get a quick cab ride to the RCA (not the RAC, lol) and I was rushed in to sit front row (yay!)

One of my favorites, out of the 30-40 or so graduates we saw in that hour, was Lucie Vincini, the London-based menswear designer, inspired by heritage and craftsmanship. As soon as the models strutted down the whole collection just immediately caught your eye. The colors were cream and gold, the silhouttes kind of baffling, with the skirts over the trouser, the robe-type styling and the juxtaposition (not gunna lie, I don’t really know if that words fits in here, but I am so tired and it sounds like it should so, yeah, you get me…?) of textures and shapes.

Menswear designs by student Lucie Vincini at the Royal College of Art Graduate Fashion Show in London _DSC0348_426x639 _DSC0352_426x639

Another favorite of mine was Ana Corina Del Pinal Saenez, who said:

‘The very essence of romance is uncertainty.’
– Oscar Wilde.

This quote from Oscar Wilde sticks in my head when I look at my mood board. I see a real sense of uncertainty and spontaneity, and these are the two themes of romance that I have focused on. The colours give off a melancholic feel, but to me that adds to romanticism of my collection. The juxtaposition of these themes with the more conventional outlook of romance is an exciting route for me to explore. I feel that applying silicone to conventional delicate fabrics such as silk highlights this contrast’

Another favorite of mine was Maiko Takeda, a name that immediate placed itself at the back of everyone’s minds. The dresses were simple and sleek, nothing special really, but then you follow your eyes past the bottom and you reach the head and there’s an instant image that stays in your mind. A maze of spikes engulfing the blurred shadow of a face. The delicate, light-reflecting shards of ombre-d perspex and acetate almost form a swirling cloud around the (head and shoulders) -and as the model moves the cloud bobs up and down and ripples around, it was so beautiful to watch. Maiko’s work even caught the eye of Bjork ahhhhhh ❤

(I pinched afew photos from the show from Susieeee from style bubble sorry barry)

6a00e5508e95a988330192ab3020f9970d-700wi 6a00e5508e95a9883301901d71bb63970b-700wi 6a00e5508e95a9883301901d71ba47970b-700wi 6a00e5508e95a988330192ab3014ce970d-700wi  look7 look6 look2 6a00e5508e95a98833019103678ae3970c-700wi

Alisa Kuzembaeva was another one of my favorites. Again the dresses were fairly simple at the bottom but wrapped around the upper-body were layers of brocade-looking, silvery, silky cloth unfurling around the arms and shoulders, revealing layers of patent leather below. Peeks of skin were covered by little slithers of mesh etc and intricate floral embroidery stitched the two materials together. More favorites were Camilla Woodman’s vivid and striking textures with shaggy yarn furs in creamy and golden shades or the leather aprons and exaggerated shapes of Seung-Yeon Jee’s versatile pieces. Lastly, I really liked Xaio Li for her amazing huge coocoon jackets, fluffy knitwear and pastel colors paired with super cute jelly shoes gah.

Alisa Kuzembaeva photos by Christopher Moore Limited

RCA_2013_MA_1081 RCA_2013_MA_1100 RCA_2013_MA_1110  RCA_2013_MA_1130

Camilla Woodman

DSC0503-518x778 IMG_6410_zps9f93bff6 IMG_6415_zps97b16ea9

Seung-Yeon Jee


Xaio Li

dezeen_RCA-Fashion-Show-2013-Xiao-Li_1 dezeen_RCA-Fashion-Show-2013-Xiao-Li_3 dezeen_RCA-Fashion-Show-2013-Xiao-Li_5 dezeen_RCA-Fashion-Show-2013-Xiao-Li_11

After the show I was interviewed by a man from the BBC, but I was really hungry and grumpy (lol) so I mostly mumbled on about how ‘cliche’ dubbing kids who blog about style merely ‘fashion blogger’s etc etc. The next day he came to my house and interviewed me, and you can see the whole interview here.

On Saturday a really lovely lady from DOLLY Magazine Australia came over and shot some photos of me and my friends for a feature on ‘what teens do on the weekend’ and Sunday I’m pretty sure I just tried to revise etc etc. On Monday a very full-on week of 3 exams a day started. It was painful and the only good thing about it was sitting opposite this cute year seven dude.

The photos for DOLLY Magazine haven’t been published yet but here are some photos I took on my own camera whilst the lovely photographer was shooting us

14890003 14890004 14890005

8 Responses to “half term shenanigans”
  1. dani says:

    opi u cutie<3 i'm sending ur package tomorrow ehe ^__^ its such a shame u could come to the meetup up but next time! xox

  2. Eryn says:

    Super lovin’ Maiko Takeda; you wrote about the collection so eloquently!
    The DOLLY photos you took are awesome, and I can’t wait to see the published photos ❤
    Also, that interview is so adorable, I love your room/outfit and everything you had to say.

    Eryn xx

  3. Alyssa says:

    Wow i love the holidays! I wish they were as interesting as yours!! 😩

  4. Freya says:

    Your amazing- thanks for inspiring me! I’m sure you have inspired lots of other people too, your so lucky! I’d love to be interviewed!!

  5. Ellie says:

    Congrats on your blog. I can see why it is so popular! Check mine out rickettsel.blogspot.co.uk

  6. such cool runway pics! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know where you’re following and I’ll follow right back! xo




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