photos taken on my olympus OM10 during the summer -and captions to go with them click on all thumbnails or photos in grids to see them larger and to read captions btw during activities week at the end of year seven and eight at my school, you always go on a camping trip to france. … Continue reading

more things that happened in the summer that i didn’t blog about until now ok sorry

maya by me on my olympus so you may have noticed i literally haven’t blogged for ages so yeah wow you don’t have to be smart to have noticed that. im trying to get blogging about it done now so read on for a mish-mash of things that happened i guess????? my friend sezzy who … Continue reading

what we have here is a dreamer

  a blog post concerning another thing I did in the summer (which I coincidentally never blogged about ugh me ugh) so during the summer of this year (oh shit this year just ended and i am still blogging about summer that’s bad ok sorry um summer of last year ok om i suck watever … Continue reading

half term shenanigans

On 24th May we broke up for half term, which isn’t really a half term because you have to spend it revising for internal examinations the next week. I didn’t do much, except attempt revision, which proved challenging. On the first day, I did nothing but revision, on the second day I went to the … Continue reading

Well we haven’t spoken in a while.

A compilation (by me) of photos by Venitia Scott, model: Lindsay Wixon Heyyyyyyyyyyaahhhhhh. Heyyaaaaahhahahahahahaha. Alright, alright. Watspannen wichu guiz? I have been pretty busy. Year eight has been boring, tiring and sarcastic lately. I have had lots of homework and not got much done, but friend-wise some cool tings have been going down. I think … Continue reading

I am so feeling the 90’s right now.

LIZZIE. MCGUIRE. Such a legend. Okay. Well, her best friend Miranda is kind of more of a legend, but whatever, okay? The styling is just so out there and crazy! Did people really dress like that in the 90’s?! I have been watching the series non-stop through out the last week and though I am … Continue reading


Sorry for the ULTIMATE cheesy title but I couldn’t think of anything else relatively meaningful to say. I’M SORRY OKAY. Anyway, here are just some photos me in Wales looking intense and all, taken by my loyal daddy on my (currently AWOL) camera urrrggghh. I am wearing Topshop jeans and peter-pan collar top. Random hoodie … Continue reading

suummerrr loovvin

Featured image (above) by me-in Wales. It is of the waves and I took it by sticking my camera lense through some binoculars. lol.  The latest from my tumblr…Click to enlarge…see more at ❤ ❤ ❤ I love this song by Clementine Creevy for ROOKIE-mag—> teenage-girl 10 to follow: … Continue reading

Guest posts Day 2: Saskia

Howdy people of the world!! “Who is this strange person?” -you are probably thinking 🙂 Why it is moi of course- the esteemed and royal awesomeness- a.k.a: Saskia Horton. Yes, i know right, my last name kinda rings a bell…. where did you hear it before?…… Mwahahaha….. suspense-y times right? 😉


Me being a spaz. URGH. It is so close to London Fashion Week and I’m totally buggin. I still practically haven’t got any tickets although I’ve done all the right stuff and sent in my application and all that SHIZ…With no reply. It’s crazy! {Kids are people you know..?} I told myself I’d work and … Continue reading