what we have here is a dreamer

  a blog post concerning another thing I did in the summer (which I coincidentally never blogged about ugh me ugh) so during the summer of this year (oh shit this year just ended and i am still blogging about summer that’s bad ok sorry um summer of last year ok om i suck watever … Continue reading

half term shenanigans

On 24th May we broke up for half term, which isn’t really a half term because you have to spend it revising for internal examinations the next week. I didn’t do much, except attempt revision, which proved challenging. On the first day, I did nothing but revision, on the second day I went to the … Continue reading

Just a quick post for the sake of blleuugh.

Nude. A word, still today, people don’t want to hear. You’re either looking at this post and thinking “what the fudge this chic on about” or being all uncomfortable-ish and like “eww naked-ness, yuck no!” I have never had a problem with being naked, as a kid I would always run around the house being … Continue reading

I’m Baaaacckk!

Amazing cartoonery tomfoolery by moi Hellllooo readers. I am finally back from Espana-lata and I think I missed my family more than ever. Well, I have basically no photos because they’re all on my friend’s cool SLR camera, but here are some crappy photos I snapped on my digital. The weather was good. Yeah, that’s … Continue reading

<3 Independant London ROOKIE meet-up! <3

[For those who didn’t know, the independant London Rookie meetup was arranged in a group on facebook by a girl called Emily, for teens who read Rookie only, we met at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park today (14th July 2012) and we are having another meet up this September for those who missed this … Continue reading

hi readers. Aren’t I such a busy bee?

Why do I always feel the need to blog at the awkardest moments? Because I have had all half term to process those photos from my disposable and get a decent look together and mock up something relevant and I fear to admit that I’ve done not one of those things. Oh well. Life goes … Continue reading


All of the below is me being mildly depressing and telling you all this stuff about stuff and yeah. So if you just want me to shut up and show you the photos, ignore the bold and scroll down 😀 heyElLo [ So I kind of tried to do a photo-shoot with my friend Rocio … Continue reading