selfridges denim lovers event ft. jourdan dunn & rosie tapner

omg hey like wut even is this internet who runs this blog is she human is she alive??!?!?!!? Hi guys it’s me (wtf i know right i am actually posting -is this the real life?) Okay so now that we’ve got over the fact that I’m back (gah) and I’m kind of excited to be so excited about blogging again, lets get down to buisness (and defeat, the huns….) Literally I am so excited right now that I can’t stop finishing my sentences with disney song lyrics or tumblr quotes (I can tell this is going to be one of my more jolly posts.) Why is she back? What prompted her to actually visit or write on her ‘style’ blog? -the people cry. Well I decided that I should actually get down to buisness (no not to defeat the huns) but to actually blog, which I haven’t done for ages or at least haven’t really done comfortably for ages for various reasons etc etc etc. But I have finally decided to ‘let go of the past’ (I can’t remember what, presumabley disney, film that quote is from) and stop dwindling on what I haven’t done/what I need to catch up on and just do stuff. Anyway so this post is hopefully/probably/maybe the last ((except for my annual report thing- coming soon)) post I will do which dwindles on the past academic year and all of those crazy times yo.

So today I am gunna be talking about how I went to the selfridges denim lovers party in late june – july. It was an event to launch the opening of their new denim studio, where we created the first ever co-created denim fashion campaign (ooh.) The party was in a warehouse-kind-of-space in london and when I first stepped (ft. greasy hair, denim skirt which was too big for me and kind of dumb after school outfit) I sort of just waddled around leaning against the huge pillars, sipping on my banana milkshake and trying to work out who all these figures were in the dim blue lighting. We were soon ushered in a presentation-type area where I was allocated a space/seat(?) on the front row of a brightly lit amphi-theatre-style area around a small stage, but after several people trying to get past me (que Bip & Evangaline Ling, Susie Bubble and Arlissa) I decided to just stand up and awkwardly try to get out of the way. When the presentation started Tom Craig stepped up and said a few words and then Rosie Tapner and Jordan Dunn (omg) stepped out onto the platform and we all began taking photos of them in the custom made new selfridges denim studio collection. After some makeup touch ups we were told that we were allowed to move closer so the eager beavers instantly swooped to just in front of the stage, however due to my lack of height (where is puberty when you need it???) I mainly only got pictures of people hair and in the end decided to turn the camera around for a few excited selfies. Suddenly [plot twist] Jourdan invited some of Rosie’s friends to come and dance with them up on the platform and after a few other brave fans jumped up they were swamped with people trying to get selfies and pics with them. I didn’t want to be rude so I just kind of stood there in the slightly chaotic crowd, wandering what to do whilst everyone pushed past me or danced around me, so I waited for a while and then finally got the chance to take a picture, which in on my instagram somewhere ( -and in which I look flushed and chubby next to two models yay.) A while after that everyone filtered back into the main area and Jourdan and Rosie went backstage and so it was time to go: I would’ve stayed to ‘party’ network and socialise (lol I was too nervous/overwhelmed for human interaction anyway) but unfortunately Caecilius was calling and I took the train home with my mum to finish my latin homework. All together it was a pretty exciting night so thankyou to the selfridges team, it was great fun!

(some blurry photos, cause excitement sorry)

DSC_0960 DSC_0972 DSC_0979 DSC_0984 DSC_0989 DSC_0993

Below is the behind the scenes video of what happened at the launch party of the first co-created denim campaign: launching the denim studio at selfridges. I have spotted myself afew times: at 1:08 you can see me next to bip ling looking at the floor on the right (lol) and at 1:15 I have spotted myself (brown hair, yellow scrunchie) just outside the circle of jumping/happy/dancing people wondering how to get in (lol) and between 1:16-17 awkwardly out of focus right between Jourdan and Rosie (lol) and then at 1:24 kind of again just standing there in the middle (lol)…

7 Responses to “selfridges denim lovers event ft. jourdan dunn & rosie tapner”
  1. Georgia says:

    That looked so cool, how did you get to go? 🙂

  2. Bethany Rose says:

    Omg you’re back blogging, yay ^O^

    Okies that comment would mean more if I had actually ever commented before (I am new to this fashion blogging thing-eep) but I have been reading for a while so I swear it’s genuine!

    Also heart swell for Jourdan Dunn, she is everything, one of my favourite models. Tho I think if I ever met her my face would implode by the sheer weight of my inadequacy. Sigh.

    Hope you’re having a super duper Monday (oxymoron?!) and I look forward to your new posts! 🙂



  3. Lester Anderson says:

    Great vid! Took a while to spot you lol

  4. Amal says:

    I wish I could’ve been there! Your photos look really good!

  5. Amal M says:

    I wish I could’ve been there! Your pictures look amazing!

  6. annabeldudley says:

    please check out my blog

    ⫸ love yours ⫷

  7. Sofiahhh says:

    This is actually a really cool blog 😀 I got your address from Dolly, I hope you don’t mind a complete stranger from Australia just casually snooping around your private life O.o heheh I’m a girl by the way (just in case you were wondering) looking forwards to your next blog xx

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