blue-dark turquoise-green-mint  HAIR EVOLUTION


(omfg sorry wow so far much long very bad)

So I decided for summer I would dye my hair again, like I did last year, cause I prefer my hair colored and it’s fun and looks pretty like why not. LIKE WHY WOULDN’T YOU IF YOU COULD, right? Last (last?) year, so that was 2012 (summer of year 7) I got my hair dyed at the BLEACH Oxford Circus London Salon, and it was kind of really expensive, but totally worth it, cause my bright purple and green streaks lasted for the rest of the summer and even up to September, when I went back to school -que angry form teacher and mousy brown hair again ughhhhhh. This year I decided to do it at home, but I didn’t have time to order some more expensive online dye (i.e manic panic or special effects) so I just took the bus over to my friends and we went down to the closest Sally’s and pharmacy and got the lightest blonde possible. First we bleached my hair (so that the dye would hold) but obviously because my hair was a semi-dark brown, the white-blonde turned out a vivid turnip yellow and since we couldn’t finish my hair and go back and get the color that afternoon, I stayed over at my friends house (partly because I was worried that if I went back home my parents wouldn’t let me out with such gross hair). In the morning we took the dog for a walk and went to get the other colors: ‘sky blue’ and ‘bubblegum pink’ and started dying pink over the blonde. Unfortunately we bought a too light pink, so it didn’t come out, but the turquoise did so yayyayaya I was a mermaid for the summer. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen many of my hair selfies but if you don’t then I’ve put afew below so you can see the progression from bright ‘sky blue’ (more like dark turquoise) to pale minty green…(CAUSE you’re totally interested am I right????) *nervous laughter*

some photos from the dyinggg process

just after maddie trimmed my hair

just after maddie trimmed my hair

turnip blonde

turnip blonde (ew)

waiting for dye to sink in

waiting for dye to sink in

re-do-ing theo's undercut

re-do-ing theo’s undercut

using the remainders of theo's dye on the back of my hair

using the remainders of theo’s dye on the back of my hair

me pretending to be a dawg cause swag

me pretending to be a dawg cause swag

amelia drying my hair

amelia drying my hair

just dyed blue

just dyed blue

grubby hands

grubby hands

During the dying process I also took some videos, which have taken me ages to (move onto my mums computer ((waiting for wetransfer to stop having maintenance)) to import to iMovie AND THEN) cut together, and then export again which was partly the cause of the delay of this post…and also the fact that im a shit but anywayyyyyy

Also this is super outdated because Bleach’s boots collob came out like years ago but i can’t wait to use their bleach awkward peach and dye my hair again but i’ll probably have to wait until next christmas or something because it’s so damaged right nowww

below are some of the colors (yum)

tumblr_mt9w677fv11qdu3vio1_500 tumblr_mt81a9S6Vg1qdu3vio1_500 tumblr_mtbtneliOe1qdu3vio1_500 tumblr_mtdn5xxN3k1qdu3vio1_500 tumblr_mtff7uWQEA1qdu3vio1_500 tumblr_mtj1ti7tOG1qdu3vio1_500

my love to you all <333333333333333333 if anyone is there lol

6 Responses to “hair”
  1. georgiana says:

    sickk i am so dying my hair this summerr
    how do u style ur short hair bc idk what to do with mine and we have the same length??

  2. Cecily says:

    It looks so cool!
    I had greeny-blue hair for prom, but it lasted about 2 weeks with minimal washing as parents were iffy about the bleaching of my nondescript brown hair, but I think I may finally get my act together this summer (I hope)

  3. Sandeep says:

    Uhh, that’s so cool! I wish we’d have some of these great colours in Germany …

  4. townmousemeetscountrymouse says:

    I have brown hair so my pink dye didn’t show up, it’s so annoying!

  5. lovee the hair, it looks so cool

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