selfridges denim lovers event ft. jourdan dunn & rosie tapner

omg hey like wut even is this internet who runs this blog is she human is she alive??!?!?!!? Hi guys it’s me (wtf i know right i am actually posting -is this the real life?) Okay so now that we’ve got over the fact that I’m back (gah) and I’m kind of excited to be … Continue reading

she’s from the seventies but I’m a ninties bitch.

Geezuz I’ve been sitting here for weeks saying nah I don’t have enough time to right that mahusive blog post that I’m working on, and now suddenly I’m like ‘omg wut halp meh’ I NEED TO JUST GET THIS DONE before gah gah gah gah. I will work through the night if I have to … Continue reading

pictures of the week ‘n’ all that jazz

So heyaaaaaa guys, it’s the easter holidays, and I’m totally and utterly beffubled with my posts. I have about 25 drafts open and am working on about 6 posts at the same time. I planned to talk about these things as soon as I saw them, but then never got round to it, and it’s … Continue reading

<3 Julia Thompson <3

Julia Thompson herself, featuring illustrator Nikola Vukovic… Julia Thompson approached me (nearly, like, I dunno) about 9 months ago. She mentioned doing some sort of collaborative project and we decided I’d shoot her new collection of J.Morrison Designs clothes on my trip to Australia, during Winter break. I arrived and the clothes were waiting for … Continue reading

cool tings (that post where I tell you what I’m obbsessing over at the moment)

Featured Image: queen Maya herself, by Laura-Lynn Petrick Hoi. Although I said blogging is going to be back to normal in January, well I am going to be super particularly busy because of school and personal reasons and stress and all that jazz, so things are going to be well as normal as possible. But … Continue reading

Natalia Kaut Studio

So, last month or something along the lines, I had the oppurtunity to visit Russian couture design label: Natalia Kaut. They were so sweet and welcoming and I just had a little look around their studio, chatted and even tried some things on! Here are so photos and a little interveiw with Natalia herself… So how … Continue reading

I am so feeling the 90’s right now.

LIZZIE. MCGUIRE. Such a legend. Okay. Well, her best friend Miranda is kind of more of a legend, but whatever, okay? The styling is just so out there and crazy! Did people really dress like that in the 90’s?! I have been watching the series non-stop through out the last week and though I am … Continue reading


Sorry for the ULTIMATE cheesy title but I couldn’t think of anything else relatively meaningful to say. I’M SORRY OKAY. Anyway, here are just some photos me in Wales looking intense and all, taken by my loyal daddy on my (currently AWOL) camera urrrggghh. I am wearing Topshop jeans and peter-pan collar top. Random hoodie … Continue reading


The illustration-collage thing above is by moi- I drew around the clothes…From left to right: COURTNEY- bralet, jeans and scrunchie from American Apparel, sunglasses from Topshop. MARCIE- bralet, skirt and scarf from topshop. JULIE- top from American Apparel, socks and clutch from Topshop and skirt from Nasty Gal. * KIND OF SPOILER ALERT* Anyway, I … Continue reading

LFW Street Style!

The best of the style gods/godesses…