During the summer of this year I went to wales, where (at the time) my Dad worked throughout the weekdays. He didn’t have a summer break and couldn’t come on holiday with us so we visited him instead. He was in swansea, beside the beach, and we had to take a 3 hour train journey to get there. It was raining when we got there and there wasn’t anything particularly historical, pretty or exciting about the area so at first i was like (insert whimperish ugh) but after we arrived at around 4pm we went to the closest store and got chocolate (ft. the essentials for living in a dreary place: reeses peanut butter cups YES YES YES) -and i spent the rest of the afternoon eating & computing. To be honest it was so long ago that I can’t remember what we did every day but i remember on the first day there we took a care and drove down the nearest coastline and went into this area called the mumbles. There was an overpriced carousel and bouncy castle which Aurora went on whilst I read i-D on the swings, before we got an ice cream (mine was mint) and drove further down, where we came to a small bay. It was sunny day but the water was obviously cold so I mainly fidgeted around trying to find a position that didn’t hurt my eyes or arms. (We did come back there several times: once on a really hot day, when it was really busy and we had bacon sandwiches and chips -and another time after dinner when aurora ran out into the rocks and we all had a walk.) Anyway on that first day we had to give the car back to Dad and I don’t really remember much else happening. Other things I remember doing was driving around for ages looking for this place on the edge of a national park: it was a collection of underground caves and rock formations and things, which we walked through and also loads of hills where these huge life-size figures of dinosaurs had been created. Afterwards there was a farm you could visit with alpacas and horses and these tiny chipmunks that would run through tunnels above your head. I remember finding this cute little vintage store called waxy bramble, where I got the prettiest little shirt dress. And I also remember driving through all these idyllic feilds and forest roads, and the town of horton, before getting to rhossily, a beautiful beach, further along the coast than the others. It was really windy but the sky was really blue and we had to walk down this really steep path to get there, but once we were there it was super flat all around. The tide had come in very close to the cliff side so alot of the sand was wet, but we just had to settle there because the water was so far out. The waves were so pretty and frothy and in some ways it reminded me abit of australia. Afterwards we went for a walk but I mainly like stalked around because I was scared she was going to fall off the cliff and into the ocean (which had evidently happened to one of the sheep, judging from the gross washed up carcass on the shore). Another thing I remember was running around on the beach outside dad’s apartment in the evening when it was really nice and cool, and then walking to the Thai restaurant with dad and seeing a seal in the sea. And also I remember it raining really hard on our last day, but having a really delicious breakfast, but being sad on the train home because dad had to stay there for work.

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below are some photos which i took on my phone and put on instagram

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3 Responses to “wales”
  1. Great photo’s, you probably dyed it ages ago now but love your new hair colour

    Natalie x

  2. Miss Steil says:

    I live in Wales and Swansea is a beautiful place when sunny ! North Wales is the best though, beautiful mountains and beaches 🙂

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