what we have here is a dreamer

  a blog post concerning another thing I did in the summer (which I coincidentally never blogged about ugh me ugh) so during the summer of this year (oh shit this year just ended and i am still blogging about summer that’s bad ok sorry um summer of last year ok om i suck watever … Continue reading

she’s from the seventies but I’m a ninties bitch.

Geezuz I’ve been sitting here for weeks saying nah I don’t have enough time to right that mahusive blog post that I’m working on, and now suddenly I’m like ‘omg wut halp meh’ I NEED TO JUST GET THIS DONE before gah gah gah gah. I will work through the night if I have to … Continue reading

End of winter-ish-spring-ish vibes.

Ugh, I have been writing posts and then not posting them, because I’ve got like 25 drafts open and need to post another post, before that post, and ergh it is all jumbled up and very befubbling. So, I actually wrote this post a while ago,  infact, before my last post and then I didn’t … Continue reading

Guest posts Day 2: Saskia

Howdy people of the world!! “Who is this strange person?” -you are probably thinking 🙂 Why it is moi of course- the esteemed and royal awesomeness- a.k.a: Saskia Horton. Yes, i know right, my last name kinda rings a bell…. where did you hear it before?…… Mwahahaha….. suspense-y times right? 😉