photos taken on my olympus OM10 during the summer -and captions to go with them click on all thumbnails or photos in grids to see them larger and to read captions btw during activities week at the end of year seven and eight at my school, you always go on a camping trip to france. … Continue reading


blue-dark turquoise-green-mint  HAIR EVOLUTION FLASHBACK TO SUMMER (omfg sorry wow so far much long very bad) So I decided for summer I would dye my hair again, like I did last year, cause I prefer my hair colored and it’s fun and looks pretty like why not. LIKE WHY WOULDN’T YOU IF YOU COULD, right? … Continue reading

Planets and Galaxies

Hey. Yo. Bo. Shmo. Long time no see! Anyway, yesterday I took a trip to the house of our good old friend Millie (of Dragonflies and Lightbulbs) and her sister Emma (of Casually Dazzling) to do a photoshoot- me and Emma have completely different style when it comes to photography: Emma is dramatic and costumey … Continue reading